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«Аutovishka74» Rent of autohydrolifts to 45 meters

The «Аutovishka74»  is the leader on rendering  services of telescopic autohydrolifts in Chelyabinsk and Chelyabinsk region, applied in  various fields of activity connected with high-rise works:

• ventilated facades installation

• cleaning services

• interpanel seams sealing

• Repairing and coloring the building facades

• Drains installation

• Covering the buildings with professional flooring

• working inside production rooms and guilds

• Electric installation works

• Fiber-optical communication lines laying

• Searchlight installation on the power line supports

• metalwork installation (welding and  gas cuttingSingulargas cutting
Pluralgas cuttings works)

• climatic system installation  (air conditioners, heat-ventilation equipment)

• outdoor advertizing (box, sign, banner, plate) installation

 The  park constantly grows.  And in 2013 it has 11 units on base: ISUZU, NISSAN, MITSUBISHI with the installations AICHI, TADANO, NOWEX, SKAYMASTER, KUKJEA, DASAN.

EXCLUSIVE!!! Our park has unique hydroliths in the city to solve non-standard tasks of the customer:

- AGP-16 "Super-Deka" - a big platform - 4000*2000, loading capacity to 1000kg, multifunctional control.

- AGP-45 – the maximum lifting height -45 meters, a big platform - 3000*1000, loading capacity to 500kg, remote distance work to 20 meters, the built-in independent power supply 220v.

Multifunctional equipment allows to increase productivity and to minimize our client expenses.

When choosing AGP it is necessary to pay attention to the following characteristics:  chassis type, slide design, lifting height, loading capacity of the platform.

Telescopic autohydroliths have such properties as reliability, universality and safety, reduction of expenses while working.

We created the unique car center "Skyсервис74" in Chelyabinsk to repair special equipment and where the park «Autovishka74» is served.

It allows us to guarantee:

- giving technically operational equipment at the appointed time;

- safe work at height.

Everyone can use our services. «Аutovishka74» provides regular performance of all orders.  Each client is important and valuable for us that is why we work individually.

There is a flexible system of payment  for all clients:

- to pay in cash

- clearing settlement

- acquiring (the terminal for plastic cards such as VISA, MasterCard is in office and on several autohydrolifts),

Discounts are provided to regular customers. We also have a convenient flow of documents: you can receive copies of documents on e-mail or by fax, and we will send originals to you on the postal address.

«Аutovishka74» renders services, both on Chelyabinsk region, and beyond its limits: Magnitogorsk, Troitsk, Miass, Zlatoust, Kurgan, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen.

During 7 years of work we created the circle of regular customers consisting of large construction organizations, organizations specialized in climatic systems installation, the electric installation organizations, Internet providers, advertizing agencies, and individuals. Our customers respect our services.

Is it necessary for you to order AGP or to receive professional consultation about possibilities of our company?
Contact our polite managers in the way convenient for you, using progressive Internet technology:


Manager Еvgenia

Rent of autohydrolifts

from 25m to 45m

Телефон: tel. +7(351) 235-83-83

Мобильный: mob.+7908-085-83-83

icq:  icq 477853884

call Sky2358383


Manager Natalia

Rent of autohydrolifts

from 12m to 22m

Телефон: tel. (351) 223-89-83

Мобильный: mob.+7919-123-89-83

icq: icq 648222719

call Sky2238983


       Аvtovyshka Chelyabinsk

E-mail: e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

E-mail: fax (351) 771-72-41

or click  here  on a site online.